Sleepworking, de Beers and crowd-sourcing a logo

This one is for you Mrs Hopper, Robert Middleton and for Reema Pachachi (who knows her diamonds and De Beers).

I am currently conducting a competition using a company called 99 designs to create a logo for my WAKE up the workplace program.  This program is something I have been thinking of for a long time.  I want ‘to find a cure for the deadly sleep working virus’.  As a recovering sleepworker myself I know the symptoms.

As some of you will know I am working with a marketing coach called Robert Middleton who has helped me to put some structure and discipline to my marketing efforts.  This has caused me much angst, caused me to use painful ‘muscles’ that are out of shape but that is now turning into something that is rather fun. Continue reading


Muhammad Yunus and Kawser: one small step for humanity, laptops for mankind


Well what an exciting and interesting week I have had.  On Sunday there was a big name in town and in true Bahraini style this was a strange mixture of pomp, circumstance and innocence.  Muhammad Yunus came to open the Social Business Week with a keynote address.  He was inspiring and down to earth, radiating the kind of happiness that I have truly never seen before. Continue reading

Dale Carnegie, Ahmed al Akber and ‘Nucky’ Thompson – influence, friends and killing people

Dale Carnegie

It is odd when a number of seemingly unrelated items connect in your brain.  It makes me wonder what to make of the connection and so yesterday when I was at a meeting and Dale Carnegie’s work was referenced it was the second time in that week I had heard the date it was written – and the fact that this was published in 1936.   The first time was when Nucky Thompson in Boardwalk Empire (corrupt treasurer of Atlantic City in HBO’s GENIUS series) referenced this as some kind of a modern management fad – the second was when Ahmed (someone I am working with) used this in a meeting with some clients when we were talking about leadership competencies and he put up some of Dale’s advice and the penny dropped about why I always feel good when I work with him Continue reading

Commitment – the final frontier


I have been having ups and downs about being here in Bahrain, probably since the time I arrived.  It has a strange power to keep you here and at the same time to irritate the pants off you while you get frustrated with a number of small but persistently irritating characteristics.  It is a bit like some of the marriages friends report – can’t live with them, can’t live without them kind of thing. Continue reading

Ideas on a postcard to Flat Number 2

I have been having a number of conversations, mainly with my female friends who are around my age, about the surprise when you find yourself at our age (btw I was told by a  male acquaintance not to talk about because age is a concept – is it really?? I am musing about what that means for me if he is right).  I know that quite a few people don’t tell others their age and perhaps they are wise.  There are too many taboos for women in their fifties to talk openly about – and so I am not going to either, well not in this blog anyway. Continue reading

Pretty kitty finds a new home

kitty sitting pretty

This blog is for Gabriela – she encouraged me to set this up and I have written this once and somehow lost it – this blogging is harder than you think.

When I moved to my new flat I somehow ended up as a foster mum for a really cute street cat who was living as a guest of the Indian watchman – well she was like a furry draught excluder trying to suck out the cold air from his room.  She slipped in when the removal guys jammed the door to my place open – I evicted her a couple of times, she disappeared, I panicked and she arrived triumphant as an overnight guest.  This obviously led to a bath, a litter tray, kitten food and anxiety when she went out to explore the pool area. Continue reading