Robin S, resilience and the ‘power of positivity’ blog

robin sWell it is another lovely day here in Bahrain, the sun is shining and the temperature is perfect and so I am able to sit on the terrace tapping away on my mac. This evening I am heading out to a ‘beach party’ at the Dragon Hotel, Amwaj – the headline act is Robin S who is famous for Show me love – such a great track that flips me straight back to the early 90’s when i was in my early 30s. Here is a link to some other great tracks for your listening pleasure . I haven’t been to one of these for a while and am looking forward to some good dance tracks and feeling younger than I did when I was 34 (Looking back I took it all a bit seriously back then).

I have just completed a year on my marketing mastery program and in the round-up we all (14 of us from around the world – New Zealand, UK, US, Dubai) were asked to reflect on what we had got out of the program. In the debrief Robert Middleton (the guy who runs it) summed up his impression of us over the year. The quality he associated with me was resilience and boy does that feel right for last year.
Being coached by someone for a year over Skype late in the evening is an interesting experience – and being coached about marketing strategy, systems, structure, and follow through, rather than personal development was quite a challenge for me.
I was looking for all sorts of things from the program, including some ‘there there’ type of support from my coach, well that happened sometimes but mainly he encouraged me to take action. Robert has been able to get me to see the value in being consistent, paying attention to following a structure and planning which is a real achievement.
I have many qualities but being really systematic, patient and well organised, on my own behalf, are not top of the list. The other interesting thing for me has been the mindset shift that I have had to make from being a ‘consultant for hire’ to becoming an entrepreneur with a vision for my work and my own contribution – and that is a huge shift for me. I struggled with following Robert’s advice and with doing a process that he recommended derived from Byron Katie’s work – about ‘getting unstuck’ and i had to conclude that my resistance to this was partly to do with getting something out of ‘being stuck’. Without getting too introspective about this I think that this is about taking a leap, having the courage to stand by an idea, to have the discipline to commit to a course of action consistently and wholeheartedly and to stick with it. Being on this program gave me the backbone to do that.

Thanks to my fellow mastery group participants and thanks to Robert for your support. Robert is taking a break from doing the mastery program and is putting a lot of effort into promoting his marketing club. If you are an independent professional or a small business of any sort I would recommend taking a look at his materials, they are excellent. One of his beliefs about marketing is that it is game, I like this idea and so I am going to start playing it more seriously by using his structures more consistently. Two of my fellow program participants, Clemens von Reitzenstein (Property Developer) and Chris Price (online marketing) have both supported me to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. I promise I will.

I can feel that things are moving in the right direction. I have won a lovely piece of work that is perfect for my skills and where I absolutely know i can make a an enormous contribution to my client, which is what makes me happy at work. I have also got more teaching, very challenging for me but seems to be working out really well. The response from the students is encouraging, my experience is helpful to their studies. I am getting great insight by getting to know what is happening inside Bahraini organisations and about the challenges HR professionals face.

I am feeling really great right now, looking forward to going home next week to spend time with my family and friends – and to go with a lighter heart than usual. I would still appreciate the Universe letting my client in Saudi know that paying my outstanding bill will be good for us both. I will be happy when I am not surveying my possessions as potential cash flow – but I guess that is part of the process of becoming a proper business person.

I share this link with you all as Henrik from Sweden has a way of enabling me to see the bright side every time I open up his blog.

Anyway I must go. I have got to go and put on my flip flops and get ready for a sunset danceathon.