Gratitude, birthdays and having fun


It is dad’s birthday today.  It was mine yesterday.  It has always been something of a tradition that we spent these together – usually closely followed by mother’s day.  This year I can’t go home for my birthday, it is the first time without dad around.  When I moved abroad I persuaded dad to join Facebook as an easy way to keep in touch.  He did this and then read about identity theft and closed his account – well strangely enough Facebook informed me that it is Stanley Boggiss’s birthday today.

I had a great time yesterday, there were a few things happening so I didn’t have to arrange anything for the day – spent most of the day out at Amwaj at Katie Jane’s leaving do.  Really funny day – met some new people – and we laughed a lot.  Weather perfect.  Then time to head to the Dilmun club to listen to Mier’s son play in a band, totally brilliant.  He is such a lovely boy and so talented.

IMG_4139-002IMG_4004It was a lovely event, lots of young people performing with such enormous confidence.  After that the plan was to head to Annelise and Nigel’s leaving do but we ran out of time, if not energy.

So another year has passed, I am feeling great.  I miss my dad.  Mum misses him a lot right now but has decided to focus on the good memories and be grateful for all the time they had together. She is so brave about her life without him.  Off out tonight to see a Turkish version of Riverdance, will let you know what it is like.  Loving life right now.  Dad would be so happy for me.  I am looking forward to a good year.


mum dressed up and ready to party

mum dressed up and ready to party





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