speed blogging, happy in Bahrain and a pretty perfect day

I decided that i must write my blog today, i am storing up too much stuff to share and that puts me off starting.  So I will keep this short just to get me into this again and will start with the most recent of times.  I had a lovely day yesterday, started out with a dash into Geant (they are having some kind of anniversary sale).  Discovered this last week when I headed out to get a food processor (decided to go there because I thought it would be quieter than Carrefour , I was wrong).  Every Bahraini family was in the store buying up bargains.  The bargain of last week was Tide washing powder, truly people had dozens of the jumbo  boxes in their trolley.  Anyway I got the food processor and obviously had to have a quick look around. Discovered a Philips ‘air fryer’ on sale, must have of course.  Salesman told me to come back next Friday as it was scheduled for a bigger discount.

So back to yesterday, I headed out early to miss the crowds (not early enough) to find stacks of these gadgets but no trolleys. The people with trolleys were loading them into two at a time.  Only trolley I could find was a trolley with the baby seat, jammed fryer in along with assorted other essentials and head for the check out.  Guy behind me had six of these gadgets as well as the sunflower oil that was on special offer (not sure he has read the instructions).  I also found that the ‘fitness’ trousers I wanted more of (bargain last week at BD3 now at BD1), yippee!  Next I head out to Riffa views (posh housing estate near the golf course) to check out a second hand Nissan Micra, it looks promising, I just have to be responsible now and check the service history etc.  Riffa Views is quite a way out of my usual route (equivalent to heading from South London to North London) so when I see a blonde woman who looks like my friend Val trying to attract my attention I just thought that Micra lady (Annette) must look like my friend Val – actually it was my friend Val (not surprisingly the woman trying to sell the Micra was actually driving the Micra and was behind Val).

After the extensive test drive, out of the car park, round a couple of roundabouts and back to the Alosra car park I then head for an afternoon of complete relaxation getting a tan, sipping cold drinks and flicking through a fitness magazine (not mine).  Went to Val (she of the earlier incident in the car park) and Phil’s for dinner.  As usual lovely evening, great food, lovely people.  Back to Pennie and Ian’s, slept like a log until 5 am .

Small reflection on all of this, I had thought that my Greek austerity year had cured my shopping.  This is  not the case.  Having no money cured my shopping.  I do believe I am more appreciative and am using cash these days, but I still love to do it.

Today  I have decided to make a list of things I want to get done:

  1. put away all of the shopping – done
  2. write my blog – you will be relieved to note dear reader this is nearly done
  3. Go for a quick swim – don’t hold your breath
  4. Get fabrics organised for visit to tailor for the first batch of my new line in Kaftans with a twist and other assorted glam beachwear
  5. Continue to sort out cupboards in anticipation of lodger arriving mid June
  6. Make a carrot cake (for work)
  7. Think of something to air fry (it is really just like a very, very small oven actually)
  8. Call garage about the car
  9. Watch trash TV
  10. learn to dance like they can in this link

red bull at work

So that is all for now.  Sorry for the trivial nature of this note.  I will be more thought provoking next time.  I still feel happy, I am feeling fit (i go to the gym each morning) and I am having a lovely time with good friends.  I am really looking forward to my two months holiday.  lots of love to London friends, see you very soon. xxxx