What a wonderful world, a year has passed and the power of youth




It has been a year since my dad died, and I think of him almost every day. There are things I want to tell him (that I am feeling happy and settled), things he would want to know got resolved (that my client paid my final bill) and things I know he would have liked to see (the world cup). We played what a wonderful world at his funeral and dad really did enjoy the world and enjoy every experience that came his way. All of this week I have been working with a group of students from the Royal Docks Business school from the University of East London who are here on a global scholarship. The photo on this post is of my dad during his national service when he was about the age of the students who have been in Bahrain, many are from the part of London he was born and so it put me in mind of the amazing power and resilience of youth – and how being connected to young people and learning about how they see the world and what they want to do is truly inspiring to me. So dad just know that I miss you and that you live on in my mind as someone who loved life, saw the funny side (of most things) and who started life in East London and his ‘Global Scholarship’ was national service in India. He told me that his officer training and the experience he had in the army was life changing, it opened up the world in lots of ways – I hope that the trip to Bahrain has played a part in doing the same for the 10 students who came courtesy of their Lord Noon global scholarship opportunity.

Mum you have been amazing this year, I am so proud of how you have coped and pulled things together for yourself.  Looking forward to spending the summer with you.  This photo was of mum celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary a couple of months before Dad died.  Amazing to think that a year has passed.

mum dressed up and ready to party

mum dressed up and ready to party