Why David Bowie can’t ever die

Hey Melissa, you have a way with words that I like xx and I agree about David Bowie. x

It’s no secret that David Bowie is getting older; despite his often extraterrestrial appearance he is, indeed, human and has been ageing. In fact, he’s fast approaching his 70s.

But there are many reasons why David Bowie will reach a certain age and then just stop – after all, he couldn’t possibly die.

  • Just imagine a world without David Bowie. Impossible, right?! I’m pretty sure if Bowie were to die the entire world would cease to exist. It’s just not feasible.
  • He’s clearly nowhere near done – though he may have retired from playing live (though I’m still hoping this is some sort of sick joke) his new track ‘Blackstar’ proves that he’s still got it. I can guarantee there are thousands more personas and track ideas kicking around in that beautiful head of his. He wouldn’t dare die before they’re all unleashed onto the world.
  • He is, basically, invincible…

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