“Ooh, the brass neck of it” Shock, horror! Oprah late for her own audience.

This is a phrase my mum used to use when she thought someone was really pushing their luck.

I had the same feeling last night at the Rod Laver arena.  A friend called and asked if I would take a ticket for “An evening with Oprah Winfrey”and in my new spirit of “why not” I went.  So far, so good.  I had no clue why I was there (as it turned out this was Oprah’s opening gag).  “I can’t sing, I can’t dance, so why are you here?”.  Well she promised to turn up the volume on my life.  Didn’t happen in the way that was intended.

(One of the lessons I learned last night that this ‘rant’ is about me – not about Oprah.  To be my ‘best self’ I need to fully ‘own’ this.  And I do  My intentions are clear, I want to get this off my, not inconsiderable, chest.).  

So, gentle readers please bear with me.

Oprah told her own story (nothing new here, but this took half the show), she used other people’s inspirational quotes (a lot) and her graphics could have been done on my laptop, by me.  But these issues, although annoying, were not what made me think “ooh, the brass neck of it” and purse my lips in a way I am not proud of.


By the end of the show I realised it was because I didn’t use my ‘power to say no’

This happened when I read the paper this morning.

Just to put this in context let me paint you a picture.  The arena was packed with women; all ages not just a ‘certain’ age; some are even sporting the Camilla brand Oprah has been talking about a lot.


Gorgeous girls in ‘Camilla’ silk dresses

The warm up lady is doing her best with what she has been given, we were treated to “She’s the one that I want’ and ‘Dancing queen’.  All good, I am up and dancing.  We are in the party mood.  Time passes. We sit down.  We are asked to turn on our our lights on our mobiles (stuff that, I thought) .

Suddenly the TV screens fire up, we are all ready…….. by this point she is about 20 minutes late.   Then we are subjected to two mawkish adverts (Is this normal at a concert?) one from Stresse (?) and the other some pensions company and my ‘gut’ (we are told later to trust it) is telling me all is not quite right.  She is now 30 minutes late.

So back to my point.  Why was I was channeling my mother’s unfailing radar for people who are not behaving very well?  Suddenly I had an Oprah moment,  the feeling she described last night and illustrated with a ‘hmmmm’ expression on her face.  It’s a lovely day, I am sipping a great coffee then,to use an Oprah expression “POW” there it is.

Whilst we are watching adverts the erstwhile Queen of daytime TV is at Stresse’s VIP cocktail party preaching to the CEO.  Reportedly she is telling him that ‘it’s important that you treat people with respect’.  The phrase that triggered me from ‘mild irritation’ to ‘really quite cross’ was “A relaxed Winfrey told Swisse CEO….blah blah”.


Relaxed!!! Put a shove on love you’re keeping nearly 15,000 people waiting.

Now that is just rude.  And there is really no need for it.

It put me in mind of another one of my mum’s favorite phrases, “Manners don’t cost people anything”.  As usual mum is right.  That said one of my dad’s favorites was “Worse things happen at sea” and of course he is right.  So thanks for letting me vent.  I will follow her advice and count my blessings.  Hard not after the wonderful break I have had here in Australia.  I have only had two disappointing experiences.  An audience with Oprah and a meal at Papa Goose, don’t get me started on ‘modern British Fare’, it was disappointing.

Rant over. Amen. Halleluja.


Camilla Kaftans with the VIPs

Notes for those interested in following the money.

As an aside it is interesting to notice how the marketing works.  I thought my ticket was quite expensive but the VIP packages are eye wateringly costly (hence her being late I expect).  $2,500 for the top of the range package.

She plugged Weightwatchers .  Again is it just me being mean or is there a bit of ‘brass neck’ involved here as well.  She is a shareholder not a ‘brand ambassador’ but she isn’t known for successful weight loss.  Nor am I but then I didn’t create a ‘platform’ to help the world.

More interesting to me is the link with Swisse, the event was ‘presented by Swisse who have recently been bought out by a Hong Kong company.  Oprah’s show must be paid for by the marketing budget.  Full article below.

“When Radek became CEO in 2005, he embarked on a massive marketing push. 

Such was the extent of the marketing push, at one point Swisse’s $50 million annual marketing spend was almost 40 times the cost of the ingredients used in vitamin production. It was all part of Radek’s plan to make vitamins “fashionable and fun”.

So that must be why the new CEO put up with being told how to behave. He was paying for the privilege of a private tutorial.


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